Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lijit Viability Advisory

Blogger's Union advisory


Publishers are notified their Union of Blogger's is advising any publisher currently using or considering Lijit Search on their blog(s):

1. Lijit Networks, Inc. has to date refused to provide ANY transparency concerning Lijit's financing.

2. To protect and safeguard blog publishers, the blogger's union (P.U.B.) is advising ALL publisher's to take the following action(s) to protect both content and readership from the potential failure of Lijit Networks, Inc.

a. decide on and install a back up search provider for your site
b. demand transparency from Lijit on its ability to finance its ongoing operation

The Bloggers Union will continue to monitor and advise publishers on this and other ongoing concerns in this current economic climate.


P.U.B. Publishers Union of Bloggers
blog publishers first and only union.